Never stop learning

Every month:
1 x nonfiction book voted in by our members.
1 x meetup in-person in several cities + virtually globally.
Endless learning & connections.
Strictly Nonfiction.

In a tweet or two

We shortlist 3 awesome nonfiction books on a new theme each month.

Rebel Book Club members vote for the winner.

Choose between our in-person or online meetups on the last Tuesday of each month, or connect with local members over a rebel coffee.

Flirt, Flex & Full membership available to fit your goals, lifestyle & budget.

Join a community of lifelong learners, smash that unread book stack, turn insights into action and new connections into friends.

Join us for the whole of 2022 & get your first book on us.

how it works...

Vote | Read | Meet | Repeat

VOTE | Always based on a theme, our members vote for 1 of 3 nonfiction books carefully shortlisted. Everyone reads the winner.

READ | 1 month to read the book before our meetup (or choose to skip if you're on flex). We set reading targets + send weekly nudges in our Monday newsletters. Weekly book insights & chats.

MEET | Our meetups are always on the last Tuesday of the month at 7pm (GMT). Choose between our engaging virtual events for members joining from around the world, or an opportunity for meeting in person in our largest city hubs (e.g. London, Manchester + Bristol). Authors, experts, games + a great crowd.

REPEAT | We go again!

All this is accompanied by a private social network, an array of specialist spin-off groups, club socials, bonus author events, optional reading accountability buddies + access to networking with a huge global community of passionate, curious minds.

All for the price of your average Deliveroo!


We offer a choice of flirt (date us for 3 months), flex (go at your pace) or full (all in) membership.

Join us for the whole of 2022 & get your first book on us.

All our memberships include:

1. Invites to regular, fun meetups in-person & virtually with top authors, experts + our global community.

2. Vote monthly for Rebel Reads.

3. Get connected with members who share your interests or are nearby.

4. Regular nudges to keep your reading on track + improve your habit.

Fund your reading: Ask your employer to cover your RBC sub as part of your L&D.

meet our members...

Nonfiction love for life.

Check out what they had to say about why they joined and why you should too!

Plus some top reading tips for your book stack...

Ps. You don't need to be the Chief Librarian or everyone's #1 Certified Bookworm pal to join... we simply love to learn, get super excited about it + team up to put new ideas into action. We're here to have fun, not to write fancy book reviews. Rebellious!

Pps. All the RBC reviews here.

friends with benefits...

Introducing our partners - past, present + future.

The main club events are on the last Tuesday of every month @ 7pm (UK).

In London, we meet in a variety of venues from coworking spaces to rooftop bars to popup shops.

Our upcoming meetup dates are February 22nd | March 29th | April 26th

Events are hybrid, linking our global network with our city hubs.

thirst quenchers

impact ales

tequila carts

so what's coming up next?

Live Listings: Your next dose of members only events with superstar authors + mind-boggling experts,
plus one-off specials and club socials...

Members Only
May 31 @ 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

feeling curious but need more time?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does Rebel Book Club exist?

We live in confusing times.

We can access more information than ever before. We can easily connect with like-minded people around the world. We can work from (almost) anywhere. We can explore content, topics and subjects with a couple of taps.

But, despite this abundance, many of us often feel overwhelmed, slightly lost and disconnected from each other. 

Over the last seven years we've discovered that diving deeper into different topics and discussing them helps us make more sense of the noise in our heads and around us.

It helps us improve our ability to focus in a distracted age. 

It helps us connect on a human level beyond emoji's (although we use them a lot) and notifications.

It helps us develop the habit of lifelong learning that can lead to all kinds of exciting shifts.

Rebel Book Club is a home for those who are hungry to learn without going 'back to school'.

It is a place for people to re-connect with others who share their curious mindset and concerns for our changing world.

It is a place to make friends, have fun and grow as a human. One life, right?

Can anyone join Rebel Book Club?
Yes if.... have a hungry mind. get distracted by ideas. like asking surprising questions. try and apply what you see and learn to your own life. want to rekindle your love of reading. want to meet people who are similarly curious.

We're a collective of open-minded thinkers who are motivated to invest valuable time and energy into learning, connecting and cultivate a growth mindset towards life. 

If this sounds like you (or who you want to be), jump in!

What does Rebel Book Club include?

All memberships include: 

1. Invites to monthly membership meets virtually and in-person currently in the UK in London & Bristol. Fun, engaging conversations with members, topic experts and authors.  

2. Vote on monthly rebel reads. A diverse range of themes from which we shortlist 3 books a month. Members decide which one we read. 

3. Get matched with members who share your interests or are local. We connect you to people in the club you share interests or are near to you. Often used to help with reading accountability. 

4. Club coaching to keep your reading on track + improve your habit. We're regularly nudging you to keep up your reading and sharing the best ways to stay focused. 

Choose to add on monthly a book voucher towards your rebel read. A £5 / €6 / $7 voucher emailed to you every month which can be easily redeemed on Amazon, Bookshop, National Book Tokens. Choose your preferred reading format: ebook/kindle, paperback or audio.

You can opt out anytime if you aren't 100% happy. The average membership length is 15 months. Some members have been with us since the start 🙂

When does my membership fee go out of my bank account?

When you signup to one of our membership options your direct debit is setup automatically. The fee will be charged every 3, 6 or 12 months on the date you signed up. 

You can also join with a one-off membership payment.

Can I get involved if I don't own a Kindle or eReader?
Our members read in a variety of formats: hardback, paperback, kindle or ebook, and, increasingly, audio.
Many of our members choose voucher-free memberships and buy their books from their local bookshops or borrow from a library.
If you're on a membership with vouchers you can use towards hardback, paperbacks, kindle or ebook (not audio via audible).
When and where are the meetups?

Meetups currently happen on the last Tuesday every month (except in December) between 7-9pm.

We currently run in-person meetups in the UK in London (various locations) & Bristol.

We run global virtual meetups at the same time.

What happens if I can't attend a meetup?

Now we're hybrid (in-person and virtual) excuses! Bring your cat.

You should sack whoever manages your diary! Seriously though, if you're on holiday (or an unavoidable zoom) or otherwise unavailable, no biggie - we'll keep you in the loop with everything you missed with our monthly reviews. 

How do you choose which books to read?
We curate books that we think will appeal to the RBC community.
We present three inspiring options each month, often recommendations from the community. Our shortlists always include at least one independent publisher and one under-represented author. We want to support more equality in publishing - read more about how we choose what we read.
Members then vote for their favourite and we've got our book for the following month. Expect to see books around creativity, motivation, impact, climate, history, entrepreneurship, happiness, wellbeing, tech, science, politics, nature and innovation with the occasional inspiring biography thrown in for good measure.
Best way to see the type of books we read is to check out our library.
Why do I need to apply to join?

Ultimately, anyone can purchase and read a book each month. The real value of joining Rebel Book Club is in the a-team community that make you accountable every month. We want to align with people who are committed and can add value to the community. The book club is just the start...

Can I bring RBC to my city?

We've had a lot of requests to start RBC in different cities which is really exciting. We're taking things one step (and book) at a time. If you're motivated to help bring RBC to your town and know a group of people who would be ideal members then let us know.

Can I stop my membership?

Yes. You can stop your membership anytime by emailing us. Please email us at least three days before your membership is due to renew; we reply to emails every day, Monday to Friday. We will complete this within 7 days of receiving your email. We can kickstart your membership again whenever you're ready.

Can I get a refund on my membership?

Sorry, no. Your membership is non-refundable. Your membership fees are supporting accelerating reading habits and positive action!

What is your privacy policy?

In a tweet: Respect people's privacy. No spam, no data sales, no genetically modified avatars!

You can view our full privacy policy here