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Monthly: Non-fiction books, meets & community for individuals & brands.

1. Take 2 minutes to join us. Monthly Membership or 90 Day one-off options for you or to gift.

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2. After a membership vote, you will be sent a voucher for an inspiring book on the same day each month.

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3. You will be nudged weekly to keep up your reading + invited to 2 x monthly remote meets with guest speakers, community chats, quizzes & projects.

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Read & learn with us from £10 a month.

April - June 2020

Past, Present, Future

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#61: The Awakened Ape by Jevan Pradas

We’ll be exploring how spirituality is changing in today's world. ⁣

Meet 1: May 12th. Questions of Modern Spirituality (free to members) 🧐

Meet 2: May 26th. RBC's 5th Birthday + discussions around shaping our futures.



📚 #62: Invisible Women by Caroline Criado Perez

Meet 1: Exploring Gender Bias in 2020, June 16th

Meet 2: Reflecting on Invisible Women & what we can do, June 30th

Every month, up your reading game

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Rebel Books

Every month: 1 theme with 3 game-changing, challenging non-fiction books to vote on.

An Amazon or National Book Tokens voucher for the kindle value of the book gets sent to you at a minimum of £5. You can always upgrade to paperback or audible. Here's our library of 60 books & counting.


Rebel Readers

The books are just the beginning.

We are motivated to up the quantity & diversity of our reading. We are curious & open to new ideas. We help each other turn book-inspired insights into real action.

RBC members self-organise 'power-hours', support each other's projects & ventures and chat online about the book & more.


Rebel Meets

Somewhere between a digital cocktail party & an online classroom, each month we invite our members to two remote meetups to share insights and actions from the book.

Mid-month meet: Focus on theme

End of month meet: Focus on book


Working with brands in the know

After hosting 60+ Rebel Book Club meets in 7 cities and remotely, we've started to collaborate with forward thinking organisations.

Team Memberships | Book Swaps | Author Talks | Themed Events

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