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June - August 2020

Never Stop Learning



📚 #62: Invisible Women by Caroline Criado Perez

Imagine a world where your phone is too big for your hand.
Imagine a world where your doctor prescribes a drug that is wrong for your body.
Imagine a world where every week the countless hours of work you do are not recognised or valued

Sound familiar? Chances are, you’re a woman.



📚 #63: Rise Up by Stormzy & Jude Yawson

Meetups 14th & 28th July

How do you create something from nothing?How do you progress without compromising who you are?
How do you strive for the future without forgetting the past?
Where will your ambition take you?

'It’s been a long time coming, I swear…’


21 Lessons

August: HARARI

#64: 21 Lessons by Noah Yuval Harari

Meetups 11th & 25th August

We created myths to unite our species.

We tamed nature to give us power.

We are now redesigning life to fulfil our wildest dreams.

But do we know ourselves anymore? Or will our inventions make us irrelevant?

21 Lessons is an exploration of what it means to be human in an age of bewilderment.

Every month, up your reading game

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Rebel Books

Every month: 1 theme with 3 game-changing, challenging non-fiction books to vote on.

An Amazon or National Book Tokens voucher for the kindle value of the book gets sent to you at a minimum of £5. You can always upgrade to paperback or audible. Here's our library of 60 books & counting.


Rebel Readers

The books are just the beginning.

We are motivated to up the quantity & diversity of our reading. We are curious & open to new ideas. We help each other turn book-inspired insights into real action.

RBC members self-organise 'power-hours', support each other's projects & ventures and chat online about the book & more.


Rebel Meets

Somewhere between a digital cocktail party & an online classroom, each month we invite our members to two remote meetups to share insights and actions from the book.

Mid-month meet: Focus on theme

End of month meet: Focus on book


Working with brands in the know

After hosting 60+ Rebel Book Club meets in 7 cities and remotely, we've started to collaborate with forward thinking organisations.

Team Memberships | Book Swaps | Author Talks | Themed in-person & remote events

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