Hello, Rebel Book Clubber

Here's a simple guide to help you max your membership.

My book club can beat up yours...

You can see RBC as an interesting book + a fun monthly meetup. It is.

It can be a whole lot more...

Embrace the theme

Follow your curiousities

If a particular theme or book starts to pull you in, don't be afraid to dive deeper.

For every new theme we share a list of related events in your city (and online) as well as podcasts, TED talks, blogs, documentaries. You can find these on our social network.

What if you're not into a particular book? Keep going but also explore other books on the same theme.

Hone your reading habits

Reading is fresh food for the mind.

1. Get a reading wingman/woman/club.
Accountability will up your reading game. We nudge you weekly and the end of month meetup really helps people 'charge for the line'. Even if you don't finish the book, you will read more.

2. Commit to regular, small reading blocks.
Less is more. Rather than saying, 'I'm going to read for an hour', just commit to the 1 or 2 times in a day when you can easily fit reading into your routine. If you associate your commute with social media or work and want to switch to reading, then put your phone on airplay as you leave your house.

3. Keep your book/kindle in unavoidable places.
Put your book/kindle in your box of cereal so you read at breakfast, or on your pillow so you read at night. These will act as simple triggers to...read!

4. Treat your reading like a project.
Whether you fold pages, highlight passages, share your favourite insights as you go or go all-in on the note taking (like Matt), a physical reaction to your reading will help form the habit faster.

5. Love a book lover.
If the person next to you in bed (or a bar) loves reading, so will you. This is next level accountability. Nothing like a bit of late night Stoic Philosophy.

Meet other Members

Step aside small talk

Yes our end of month meets are where you'll get a warm welcome from your local hosts, a book-inspired cocktail and structured session around the book.

But...there are so many more ways members connect with each other for friendship, projects & work:

Turn insights > Action

Books are for making as well escaping

We push each other to go beyond the 'chin-stroking' and 'mmmm, interesting' regular responses to book chat.

We want you to use books to make things better. But how?

  • Follow or talk to members who work/lead in the space you're interested.
  • Write to authors & ask to support their project/campaign.
  • Invite members to 'join' you on your new project/action.
  • Start a small group discussion for those that want to dive deeper.
  • Share what you're doing with us.

Share your stories

If you're learning, you can teach

We need you to grow our club & make a positive impact beyond. Ways you can get more involved:

Tell us how we can make it better