The Life-Changing Magic of Numbers by

Bobby Seagull


February, 2021



Magic Numbers




“Made me look at maths in a more positive way, I had always been disdainful of it in the past but this book has helped me see it in a different light. Enjoyed reading it!” Phil

If you found maths lessons at school irrelevant and boring, that’s because you didn’t have a teacher like Bobby Seagull.

In his absorbing book, Bobby tells the story of his life through numbers and shows the incredible ways maths can make sense of the world around us. From magic shows to rap lyrics, from hobbies to outer space, from fitness to food – Bobby’s infectious enthusiasm for numbers will change how you think about almost everything.

Told through fascinating stories and insights from Bobby’s life, and with head-scratching puzzles in every chapter, you’ll never look at numbers the same way again.

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