The Awakened Ape by

Jevan Pradas


May, 2020


Raspberry Sorbet Spritz






“The happiest people in the world don’t wear underwear.” A great opening line for any book.

Although there was plenty of interest in the book’s spiritual themes and practical well-being applications (squatty potty’s and no shampoo living), the majority of our members found the book contentious in its language used to describe interactions with women, problematic undertones of ableism and shortsighted conclusions about the ‘ideal body shape’.

Whilst we did our upmost to give Jevan the chance to respond to our concerns (he kindly responded to our questions and calls), we didn’t feel he was able to grasp or acknowledge the complexity and magnitude of the themes we had picked up on. Jevan’s response was essentially that ‘they were jokes’ about the men, not the women. Clearly, we didn’t get it but hope that our feedback (several hundred of us started the book) will be taken on for future edits/books by the author.

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