First meet: March 31st.

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Get more from books

Every month: 1 theme with 3 game-changing, challenging non-fiction books to vote on. Here's a review of RBC in January 2020.

An Amazon voucher for the kindle value of the book gets sent to you. (You can always upgrade to paperback or audible). Here's our library of 59 books & counting.

Each month we invite our members to meetup to share insights and actions from the book. All washed down with a custom book-inspired cocktail or mocktail. 7-9pm on the last Tuesday of every month.


The books are just the beginning. We are motivated to up the quantity & diversity of our reading. We are curious & open to new ideas. We help each other turn book-inspired insights into real action.

We are founders, freelancers, teachers, artists, activists, brand builders, social care workers, event planners, digital marketeers and more.



Neither a cocktail party nor a classroom - but a little bit of both. RBC meets are a chance to connect with other members and turn your reading into more insights and action.

7- 9pm on the last Tuesday of every month. Expect city centre coffee shops, cocktail bars, co-working spaces.

Friendly, inclusive meetups sharing books insights, focused discussion and potential actions or projects.



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