Rebel Book Club: Remote

How we're keeping our members connected & running our 'meetups' whilst at home.

Mirroring our in-person meets

On top of our monthly book, the goal of our meetups is to help our members connect with each other and share insights, learnings & ideas.

The Rebel Book Pub open 24/7 here.

Brain Trusts, Quarantini's & Power Hours. Here's our plan.

Brain Trusts

RBC Member accountability groups

We'll be asking members to tell us how much reading they're planning to do over the coming weeks, themes they're interested in & ideal times to connect.

We'll then organise small 'brain trust' groups (5 - 10 people) where members can check-in with each other at a frequency that works for them to talk reading progress and anything else that feels relevant.

The first Brain Trusts will kick off as part of our 31st March meet.

A Power Hour

A big online event monthly

We're looking at how we can create an online event (first one 31st March) which members will signup to and participate in.

As people spend more time at home we think these community online events will become more important.

We'll share the event structure nearer the time but will start at 7pm on the last Tuesday of each month.

We expect to host experts, have quizzes and enable members to chat about the book.


Can you mix something up at home?

Mix & Muddle will be sharing our book-themed cocktail & mocktail recipes with simple ingredients for you to make at home.

More ideas...

What else might we do?

Share your stories

If you're learning, you can teach

We need you to help us grow our club & make a positive impact beyond. Ways you can get more involved:

Insights into action

Books are for making as well as escaping

We push each other to go beyond the 'chin-stroking' and 'mmmm, interesting' regular responses to book chat.

We want you to use books to make things better. But how?

  • Follow or talk to members who work/lead in the space you're interested.
  • Write to authors & ask to support their project/campaign.
  • Invite members to 'join' you on your new project/action.
  • Start a small group discussion for those that want to dive deeper.
  • Share what you're doing with us.

Tell us how we can make it better