Rebel Book Club x Harari

August 2020: H A R A R I
Rebel Book: #64
Book: 21 Lessons for the 21st Century
Meetup: Hop In – Virtual Event Space
Fuel: Imagined Order (Cocktails From Your Cupboard by Mix + Muddle)

Knowing that many members have had a Harari book sat waiting on their kindles for the last few years, this month we set ourselves the mega challenge of finishing a Harari book in one month. Members could choose any book from the Harari Trilogy, but it was 21 Lessons for the 21st Century that won the popular vote.

We kicked off the theme with a blockbuster trailer for this seminal collection of non-fiction titles – a little bit of fun to get us all in the zone!

Next up, we set out our targets for reading Harari in a month. Something we always do with our books, but this time they’re worth sharing for anyone looking to take on the challenge…

We’re big on impact at RBC, so we sent out a little Q+A to our members to see what sort of effect these reads were having on them. Here are a couple of highlights…

Homo Sapiens are not the human species that existed the longest time, that there was a time when more than one human species lived at the same time, that incredible huge animals lived on earth not too long ago and humans have already eradicated so many animal species and so quickly…. The legend of Peugeot; ‘biology enables, culture forbids’

Reflecting on Sapiens

I think the elite superhumans is a pretty scary thought. I thought the overarching need to reinvent ourselves as we change how we interact with the world (first learn, then work… then what?) is interesting and so true. All of the disturbing information about the meat and dairy industries really made an impact on me and left me feeling incredibly sad and guilty of ignorance.

Reflecting on Homo Deus + 21 Lessons

After the first two chapters I lost my will to read more (but I did eventually) and thought seriously if I want to bring my kids to the future described. Also, I will be offline more often, my phone and social media screen time decreased rapidly since reading the book.

Reflecting on 21 Lessons

One WTF moment was the chess anecdote – learning how AlphaZero demonstrated superiority to Stockfish 8 after teaching itself for a mere four hours, by playing itself and with no historical chess input regarding strategy, etc. Really brought home just how much faster the brains of computers are than all of our collective human intelligence. Quite frightening in some respects!

Reflecting on 21 Lessons

Followed by some profound Harari one (or two!) liners to take away with you, all chosen by RBC members. Feel free to download + put them on your fridge! From us to you…

Finally, our end of month event focused on trading the Harari WTF!! moments that had blown our collective minds, whilst turbo-boosting the opportunities to make new member connections both locally and globally. We had a lovely lineup of RBC Harari Super Fans up on stage who spoke beautifully about what the books had inspired in them. You can check out their wise words below…

Introducing the Autumn Season…

For the first time ever, we are launching a season of themes. This will allow us to look ahead together and explore new collaborations with indies. When launching a season we’ll look at the introspective, extrospective and something more of a wild card.

We’re kicking off this season with our September theme Club Sober in collaboration with our friends at Club Soda.

The vote has already been and gone, resulting in In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts: Close Encounters with Addiction by Gabor Maté as our winner and 65th Rebel Book!

A quick note on Gabor: “A renowned speaker, and bestselling author, Dr. Gabor Maté is highly sought after for his expertise on a range of topics including addiction, stress and childhood development. Rather than offering quick-fix solutions to these complex issues, Dr. Maté weaves together scientific research, case histories, and his own insights and experience to present a broad perspective that enlightens and empowers people to promote their own healing and that of those around them.”

We’ll be running two events this month in collaboration with Club Soda. The first is on Tuesday 15th September and the second is set for the Tuesday 29th September. Our in-house mixologist, Rich, will talk us through some amazing non-alcoholic alternatives. See you there!

If you’d like to be part of our tribe of Rebels, head over to RebelBook.Club to check out our membership options, or drop Membership Manager, Anca, a note at