Rebel Book Club presents… Questions of Modern Spirituality

For the second in our new mid-month series Rebel Book Club presents… it was a great privilege to speak with three experts in their respective fields; wonderfully wise souls, Sanj Bhuhi, Michael Olabode and Carl Faure.

Sanj works for Headspace helping some of the largest companies in the world support the health and happiness of their people through mindfulness. He works with these businesses to normalise the use of meditation and shed light on the science behind the practice where sometimes it has been overlooked because of its spiritual or religious connotations. Outside of work, Sanj is a dad to 4 and a keen road cyclist. His favourite non-fiction title is ‘Essentialism: The Disciplined pursuit of less‘ by Greg McKeown.

Michael is an expert in Masculine-Feminine Science and Yoga Philosophy. He teaches Philosophy, Spiritual Psychology and Eastern Wisdom + Empowerment Principles at workshops and retreats around the world. Primarily, his work is focussed on helping people build their relational self-awareness through teaching the masculine-feminine science. Micheal grew up in London and enjoys travelling, cycling, playing football, volleyball, basketball, rapping, advising, problem-solving and will challenge anyone on earth at table tennis. Micheal’s non-fiction choice is: ‘Spiritual Warrior 2: Transforming Lust into Love‘ by Bhakti Tirtha Swami.

Carl is the co-founder of Stretch Yoga (who have studios on Broadway Market + Columbia Road in East London) and Exhale Festival. After years of having “too much fun” in the heady world of electronic music, Carl found yoga as a soothing and healing antidote to the weekly barrage of pure carnage. After an obsessional early foray into the world of yoga, he enthusiastically bounded into his first teacher training unaware of how his future would open up. For Carl, the point of yoga is to find intimacy with yourself and the world around you, whilst simultaneously unsticking yourself from whatever you might be stuck in. Carl’s favourite non-fiction book is ‘Alchemy of the Heart‘ by Michael Brown.

May 2020: Paradise

At Rebel Book Club, we embarked on a journey in May 2020 to explore the theme ‘Paradise’. Paradise is a subjective matter with many different connotations. In the modern world, we’ve long associated Paradise with remote tropical islands, lazing the day away in a hammock and a Pina Colada. Yet Paradise can also be a state (such as bliss or delight), or a spiritual destination (such as heaven or an afterlife).

Our May 2020 read, The Awakened Ape, leaned more towards ‘Paradise’ as a state which can, perhaps, be achieved with certain lifestyle changes or practices. Whereas our mid-month event took on the route of spirituality, bringing in philosophical discussion around spiritual teachings, making spirituality and the practices associated with it more accessible and how the meaning of spirituality differs from person to person.

There were many wonderful moments throughout our chat with Sanj, Michael + Carl which you can watch in full here. Alternatively, check out our highlights reel to see our guests talk about their work in this space and what modern spirituality is to them…

What was remarkable about this event was that by simply engaging in conversation about practices which are so healing and grounding, with experts who frequently engage in them, the calming energy was palpable even before us putting them into practice and even without being in the same room.

We all left the event with a renewed motivation to (re)start meditation practices, to investigate breathwork and to dive so much deeper into the world of modern spirituality…

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