Reading in the time of Corona

A Letter from Ben + Ben.

13th March 2020

Dear Rebels,

Many of you will be going through a mixture of feelings right now; concern around the health and well-being of friends, family and vulnerable communities you care about. Maybe even your own. Anxiety around your work, finances and future career. Fear around what’s going on in the world — this on top of everything else.

These are understandable reactions. These are human reactions. These emotions are necessary to cause a response. Flight or fight.

So what can we — a small group of thinkers and doers — do in the time of Corona?

You joined Rebel Book Club because you love books and are curious by nature. You joined because you enjoy learning new insights and different perspectives. You joined because you wanted to meet similarly minded people who like turning their reading into real-world action.

Go Local

Like many are already, we can look to how we might help our immediate local community. Asking elderly neighbours what they might most need help with over the coming weeks. Asking our colleagues, communities and social networks how we might help.

Reclaim Your Commute

It may sound obvious, but many of us will be commuting less as we are fortunate enough to have digital jobs that can continue from home. This bonus time can be put to positive use. Supporting others, maintaining and building our own wellbeing, and starting projects we’ve been meaning to for a long-time.

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We can also double-up our reading. Many of you are often searching for more time to squeeze in an extra chapter or two. This might just be your best chance to hammer through that bedside or digital book stack.

How can Rebel Book Club help?

📚 For those stuck at home, on Monday 16th March we’re kicking-off our first 14 day reading challenge where you choose any non-fiction book and we’ll nudge you daily to share one insight from it. Signup here and invite friends to join.

📚If we can’t run our end of month meet-ups in person we’ll do a lot more remotely, online— complete with cocktail menus (to make at home), quizzes, author interviews and small group chats about March’s book, New Power.

📚We’ll be sharing work and project opportunities within our community and positive news during the crisis. We’re talking to partners like Huckletree about running remote book club activities.

📚We will continue to promote Bookmark Reading as a number of members are now volunteering in schools and we plan to start sending relevant books to Echo, a mobile library supporting refugees in Greece.

If you have ideas for what we can do to help each other and accelerate our reading during this time, please let us know.

Thank you for being part of RBC. Keep reading, having fun and doing what you can.

Take care,
Ben & Ben

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