Q+A with Amanda Little | The Fate of Food

With a very special bonus guest, Richard Walker, MD of Iceland Supermarket + author of The Green Grocer.

April 2021:
The Fate of Food
Rebel Book: #72
Book: The Fate of Food (Oneworld Publications)
Meetup: Hop In – Virtual Event Space
Special Guest: Amanda Little, Richard Walker (Iceland MD), Luke Wiechula (FareShare)
Fuel:Ode to Water
Cocktails From Your Cupboard
by Mix + Muddle
Action: £340 raised for Fareshare

Q+A with Amanda Little | The Fate of Food

We have some highlights for you here… First up, Amanda gives us the backstory to the Fate of Food in: How it Started … How it’s Going?

Next up, Amanda on the cognitive dissonance in Big Agriculture…

Finally, some speedy + insightful audience questions from our members…

Bonus Q+A with Richard Walker | The Green Grocer

What a bumper session April was! After our fascinating chat with Amanda Little, we heard from the MD of Iceland supermarkets (UK) + author of The Green Grocer, Richard Walker.

“It’s about recognising you need to do what you can, where you can, and not wait for absolutely everything to be perfect…”

Richard walker on taking action

In this segment, in true Rebel Book Club style, we put the spotlight on action. Starting with a question from the RBC member Miles, ‘which three qualities do you think everyone should have when approaching their own future foods?’

Reflecting on Iceland’s now rule-bending Palm Oil ad, Ben SG asks Richard, ‘do you think we need to break more rules to make progress? And what other rules are you ready to break?’

Finally, Ben Keene asks Richard for some advice for aspiring activists…

Introducing Fareshare…

Each month we give our members the opportunity to donate the cost of a kindle book to a selected charity, usually associated with our theme.

This month we supported Fareshare. Here’s Luke Wiechula from Fareshare, joining us live from a London park after playing football. True commitment to the cause…

Next up: Five Rules for Rebellion by Sophie Walker

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