Q+A with Symeon Brown | Get Rich or Lie Trying

April 2022: INFLUENCED
Rebel Book: #84
Book: Get Rich or Lie Trying: Ambition and Deceit in the New Influencer Economy by Symeon Brown
Meetup: The Ministry, Framework, Hop In, Kumospace
Fuel: Signature Brew, ChariTea, TRIBE Bars
Live Q+A: Symeon Brown

Influenced: Digital Culture & Us | April 2022 at Rebel Book Club

Ben Saul-Garner leads the Q+A with author Symeon Brown from The Ministry, London

For April 2022, we took on the theme, ‘Influenced: Digital Culture & Us’. We shortlisted 3 books, each telling a different story about social media. The April 2022 vote results were as follows…

  1. 🏆 Get Rich or Lie Trying by Symeon Brown
  2. 🥈 No Filter by Sarah Frier
  3. 🥉 An Ugly Truth by Sheera Frenkel & Cecilia Kang

So throughout the month of April, we went on a highly pressing, eye-opening journey with Symeon Brown, into a phenomenon borne out of big tech, highly questionable algorithms, and a tireless quest for success and influence. This blog will take you through the highlights from April 2022.

“Exposing the fraud, exploitation, bribery, and dishonesty at the core of the influencer model, Get Rich or Lie Trying asks if our digital rat race is costing us too much. Revealing a broken economy resembling a pyramid scheme, this incredible blend of reportage and analysis will captivate and horrify you in equal measure.”

ABout ‘get rich or lie trying’
Rebel Book Club x April 2022 at The Ministry, London

Live Audience Q+A with Symeon Brown | Get Rich or Lie Trying

We hosted our first event at a new London home, The Ministry (yes, as in ‘Sound’), where around 100 x Rebel Book Club members joined us in person to share their top insights from the month and to hear from Symeon Brown live in person.

Massive shout out to The Ministry for their hospitality and support on production, it was a meetup to remember! We also had members meeting in Bristol and tuning in virtually around the world via our live stream from The Ministry…

Speaking of our global live-steam, here are some clips! In this first clip from the evening, Ben Saul-Garner asks Symeon what made him want to write a book about influencer culture + what shocked him…

NB. Please excuse the camera adjustments in this clip, we had a last-minute tripod issue.

In this next clip, Ben SG asks Symeon whether an ‘influencer utopia’ could ever be possible. Here’s what he had to say…

In this last clip, Symeon Brown is asked to summarise his take on influencer culture after going through the process of writing this book…

Our April 2022 Gallery: RBC x The Ministry

Rebel Book Club x April 2022

Shout out to our April hosts + partners…

The Ministry is an old Victorian printworks in Borough, which has been turned into a workspace for the artistic and the innovative. From music to media, fashion to film; you’ll struggle to find an address with more industry-shattering creatives under one roof. They are the proud sister of the Ministry of Sound, just slightly remixed.

Find out more here.

Signature Brew is a local brewery based in Blackhorse Road, London. They are on a mission to unite people through the power of fresh beer, great music and unforgettable experiences. They’re creating a world of incredible beer and music, built around people, passion and creativity.

Find out more here.

Signature Brew + ChariTea fuelling some deep RBC convos.

The Lemonaid & ChariTea Foundation is a non-profit organisation based in Hamburg – St. Pauli. It was founded in 2010 and aims to contribute to the sustainable improvement of social, economic and ecological structures in the Global South.

Find out more here.

TRIBE is the UK’s fastest-growing plant performance brand. They are on a mission to lead a plant revolution and to end modern slavery.

Find out more here.

Framework, Bristol is a vibrant workspace community. Standing proud on one of the most iconic streets in the city, this stunning warehouse offers dedicated and coworking options with tariffs and resources to accommodate start-ups, freelancers and small teams.

Find out more here.

Albert handing out the TRIBE bars.

If you know a brand or venue that’d like to fuel or host us in 2022, please get in touch at hello@rebelbookclub.co.uk.

May 2022: The Lonely Century – A Call to Reconnect

Our May 2022 read has already been decided by our members from the shortlist above. For the theme of Friendship, we are reading ‘The Lonely Century‘ by Noreena Hertz.

Our members’ meetups were on Tuesday 31st May @ 7pm (BST). Members will be joining in person in London + Bristol and virtually around the world.

That’s all for now. Sign up to become a member to join the fun!

Ps. You can find out more about this fabulous book by rewinding to our Campfire Conversation with Noreena from December 2020!

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