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Gathering is what turns learning into wisdom, connections into friendships and ideas into reality.

Whatever is going on in the world, we regularly come together.

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May 31 @ 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

happy hybrids

We love meetups.

In-person currently London & Bristol. Upcoming Brighton & Berlin.

We host monthly meetups for members to connect,
talk with authors and experts, and share insights, learnings + ideas.

We blend the virtual with the #irl.
Our events are always interactive + we never use Zoom.

Expect exciting partners to deliver extra special bonus events...
Members get first dibs. Always.

Our virtual meets

High energy x creative technology.

Since 2020, we've offered remote access to the Rebel Book Club meetup experience.

As a result, we have now been joined by curious minds from 36+ countries around the world.

It's incredibly humbling to facilitate the discussion of big-world themes for members globally.

The wonder of nonfiction unites thinkers + doers from Costa Rica to Canada, Iceland to Malawi, the UAE to Guam.

Members are bringing their energy, experiences + wisdom every month - what an incredible thing to be a part of.


Rock star guests

Authors, scientists, creatives, entrepreneurs.

Our events showcase the best of the best. We're so honoured + thrilled to host some of the finest thinkers around.

Just last year, we heard from authors including Al Humphreys (Doorstep Mile), Dana Thomas (Fashionopolis), Jeremy Heimans (New Power), Dina Nayeri (The Ungrateful Refugee) + Jenny Tough (Tough Women).

We listened intently to Dame Sue Ion on nuclear power (Midnight in Chernobyl). Dr. Monique Charles, aka the Professor of Grime, inspired us with the cultural context of the #Merky Story. The Mindful Drinking queen, Laura Willoughby, served up a treat for our Club Sober theme. And Geralyn Drefous, Director of The Great Hack (Netflix), left us well and truly 'Mindf*cked' by her tales of Cambridge Analytica...

You truly never know where it's gonna go!

> Check out our events archive here <

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City hubs

Hybrid events are the future.

Over the 6+ years Rebel Book Club has been meeting, we have experimented with a number of formats.

We know the pros of in-person meets are the big room energy + the opportunity for deeper connections. And, that the pros of virtual meets are also huge: the diversity of thought, experience + culture, and of course the access, to both specials guests + the club itself.

Since June 2021, we've been blending the format with our larger city hubs (25+ members).

Broadcasting from virtual streams to city hubs, and from city hubs to the world. Uniting the best of both worlds; connection, collective insights + global access.

Connected by curiosity

Community is at the heart of it all.

Every Rebel Book Club event is centred around community + connections, and there is not a zoom room in sight.

When you become a member, you are invited to a mix of events each month. Notably, club socials + end-of-month meets.

Creative platforms such as Hop In, Mibo Island + Icebreaker keep things interesting. Allowing everything from speed dates to drinks in a virtual saloon! These are complemented by good old-fashioned matchmaking and brunch clubs, where members drop in for cocktails, coffee dates + breakfast book chats.

The books are really just the beginning...

Benk + Bo

A few faqs

The who, what, when, where, how?

We send all event details in our members' weekly newsletters + post them on our private social network. If you're joining in-person in London, you'll typically have the option to choose our East or West London venues. In London, these move around. Previous venues include Huckletree, Benk + Bo, X+Y, to name a few. And in Bristol, we meet at Framework.

If you're joining virtually, you will register for the event on our platform du jour + follow the instructions in your newsletter. Our virtual platforms are always interactive + creative and enable collaboration for dynamic virtual experiences. We avoid Zoom at all costs, as we like our events to feel very different from your remote working day.

If you'd like to create your own micro-meet with others in your city, we'd absolutely love to connect you. We have micro-hubs forming in Oxford, Brighton, Manchester, Barcelona, Berlin, New York + many more amazing cities.

Our story so far...

'My kind of people'