Meet the Makers: Alcohol Free Drinks Inspiration

Rebel Book Club has a long history of pairing books with cocktails. So much so, we have our own in-house mixologist, Rich from Mix + Muddle! When we teamed up with Mindful Drinking Community, Club Soda, for our September theme ‘Club Sober‘, we knew an extended drinks session would be on the menu…

At Rebel Book Club, we’re also big into entrepreneur stories and creative endeavours. Many of our members are on their own entrepreneurial journeys and our founders have spent their careers doing the same. So as part of our September event, we wanted to celebrate our favourite alcohol free drinks makers!

It was an opportunity to nerd out about intricate craft processes, but also understand how we can swap our Cab Sav for a Caleño Cocktail, booch ‘n a beer… Or, as we’re about to see – a new ‘Everlease of Life‘!

Tell us more about these alcohol free drinks then…

This may look like a showreel of Rich auditioning for Saturday Kitchen, but alas it is not, this is actually top notch RBC TV!

In this clip, Rich chats to Laura (Club Soda) about the alcohol free drinks market and answers myths about taste, price and quality. They are joined by award-winning maker, Paul Mathew, to talk about his alcohol free aperitif, Everleaf.

Make your own alcohol free cocktail for an ‘Everlease of Life’

Rich creates a bespoke book-inspired cocktail for us every month and we enjoy those at our end of month meets. This time he wanted to base one around alcohol free aperitif, Everleaf. So grab your ingredients and follow along! You will need:

  • 50ml Everleaf
  • 5ml Apple Cider Vinegar
  • 30ml Pineapple Juice
  • Light Tonic Water
  • Slice of Orange

How do you make alcohol free drinks?

Curious about the craft? Look no further. We have the makers themselves talking through the passion of process and ingenuity of ingredients.

Ellie from Caleño tells Rich + Laura about the inspiration behind her non-alcoholic tropical spirit and how best to enjoy it… Yumm! Rob from Big Drop Brewery will whizz you through how he became the change he wanted to see in the… pub! And Adam from Jarr Kombucha goes all in on Hackney Wick’s most successful SCOBYs…

Where can I find out more?

Everleaf, Caleño, Big Drop Brewery and Jarr Kombucha all have their own online stores. If you’re a Rebel Book Club member, check your newsletters for some generous offers from our lovely makers.

If you’re looking to do a #bigshop, you can also find Everleaf, Caleño and Big Drop at new friend of RBC – Wise Bartender – who are one of the UK’s leading alcohol free drinks stores!

Thank you to all of our inspiring guests for their time and their very generous member offers. It was a real pleasure hosting and learning from you! We can’t wait to try all of your delicious drinks…

Finally, don’t forget to sign up for alerts and get yourselves along to Club Soda’s next Mindful Drinking Festival, where you can hear more from thought-leaders and makers in this space!

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Club Soda – Mindful Drinking Festival

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