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Join us, (or gift) it takes two minutes. Just fill out a simple form.

You will be sent a voucher for an inspiring book on the same day each month, which we'll remind you weekly to read.

You will be invited to our new remote meetup on the last Tuesday of each month. Plus book votes, member connections, groups & extra events.

From £11 a month.

Every month, improve your reading health


Rebel Reads

Every month: 1 theme with 3 game-changing, challenging non-fiction books to vote on.

An Amazon voucher for the kindle value of the book gets sent to you. (You can always upgrade to paperback or audible). Here's our library of 60 books & counting.

Each month we'll send you a recap class to help lock-in your learning.


Rebel Readers

The books are just the beginning.

We are motivated to up the quantity & diversity of our reading. We are curious & open to new ideas. We help each other turn book-inspired insights into real action.

RBC members self-organise 'power-hours', produce a podcast & support each other's projects & ventures and chat daily online about the book & more.


Rebel Meets

Somewhere between a cocktail party & a classroom, each month we invite our members to a remote meetup to share insights and actions from the book. All washed down with a book-inspired homemade cocktail or mocktail.

7pm on the last Tuesday of every month.


Rebel Book Club + Your Workplace

After hosting 60+ Rebel Book Club meetups in London, we've started to collaborate with forward thinking organisations on unique, inspiring events & membership experiences.

Team Memberships | Book Swaps | Author Talks | Themed Workshops | Bespoke Drinks

Sound fun? Let's chat.


Rebel Book Hacks

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Rebel Hacks 3: March 2020

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