Club Sober October?

Hi Rebels,

Emily from Team RBC here. I wanted to tell you a bit more about our collaboration with the wonderful Club Soda this month.

As most of you will be aware, we have entered a new season of themes for Autumn. The first time ever that we’ve pre-announced what’s coming. At around the same time, Ben K connected with Dru and Laura from Club Soda on the Facebook Accelerator program. Excited by what he heard, we decided it would be a match made in heaven to run a theme together. Seamlessly, ‘Club Sober’ then became our first theme of the new season.

For those of you who don’t know about Club Soda, let me tell you they are wonderful! I came across them when I was looking at alcohol free alternatives and tips on socialising alcohol free as part of my recovery from long-term illness. They are well known in London Town for their events and festivals, which showcase mindful drinking experts and alcohol free alternatives to drinking + socialising.

Their community is home to a real mixed bag of experiences. They have people simply ready to ask the question ‘does alcohol add value to my life?’, others who would like to be more mindful about when and what they’re drinking, and members who want to give up alcohol completely for a huge range of reasons (health, addiction, performance, religion to name a few). They offer top quality content, resources, courses and support for any part of these journeys. They never judge, they always offer understanding and their main goal is to empower you to be in a place with alcohol that you’re happy and comfortable with, whatever that may be for you.

I have learned a lot from them and I’m super excited to have them at our events this month. We are going to kick off by hearing from their Co-Founder Dru at our first members event of the month on Tues 15th September (RSVP via RBC Newsletter). Dru will tell us all about their work and community, as well as introducing us to their free 3 day e-guide: ‘How to Change Your Drinking’. This free introductory course can teach us where we can learn about alcohol-free drinks and how they can help us to change our drinking habits, tackle cravings and build a better social life. It also offers a crash course in mindful drinking, discovering the basic skills needed to pay attention to drinking habits, triggers and cravings.

Team Rebel Book Club

As part of this collaboration and in the Rebel spirit of community action, I would like to propose we put a team together to do next month’s Sober October for Macmillan. You can sign up for 14, 21 or 31 days of alcohol free living and track your progress with the Zero Percent Club tracker (designed by friend of RBC, Johnny)!

I am happy to kick off by pledging that I will donate my usual alcohol budget for the month of October to Team Rebel Book Club’s fundraising goals. Is anyone with me? Sign up sheet here

Looking forward to seeing lots of you at this month’s events!

Best wishes,

Emily x

Ps. If you’re interested in going deeper with Club Soda’s resources, check out their 30 day courses to help with drinking more mindfully, or going alcohol free. These courses could be excellent companions for Sober October!

An important note from Club Soda’s website:
You must not stop drinking suddenly if you think you are physically dependent on alcohol. If you are concerned that you might be physically dependent on alcohol,
please talk to your doctor.