Campfire Conversations with Dr. Christian Busch | The Serendipity Mindset

Campfire Conversations is a brand new series showcasing inspiring nonfiction authors, whilst giving you a taste of the Rebel Book Club experience.

Watch our first Campfire Conversation where Camp Leader + Rebel Book Club Co-Founder, Ben Keene, chats with Dr. Christian Busch about the art and science of creating good luck.


  • A noisy log fire
  • 96 curious minds from around the world
  • The Birthday Paradox
  • How viagra was discovered by accident
  • How you can start to generate more positive ‘coincidences’

‘We often underestimate the unexpected’

We were intrigued. So we invited Dr. Christian Busch to join us around the campfire to share some of his theory and stories from his book, The Serendipity Mindset.

‘Can you give us an example of underestimating the unexpected, Christian?’

‘Well my Birthday is February 22nd. Does anyone else have that birthday?’ Immediately 3 people out of the 90 listening to our conversation shouted ‘me too’ in the chat. This was quickly followed by everyone else sharing their birthdays and realising that even in a relatively small group, they weren’t alone.

So if we underestimate the number of people who have the same birthday as us what else are we missing? Christian says we need to practise serendipity like creativity or exercise – its a muscle that needs training. When you connect with someone next, don’t ask what they do, ask what they’re excited about, what they’re surprised about, what they found funny this week.

It turns out creating good luck starts by asking the right questions. So, what do you want to know the answer to?

Grab Christian’s fascinating book here, to find out more.

Join our next Campfire with Noreena Hertz, author of ‘The Lonely Century: Coming Together in a World that’s Pulling Apart’

Join our next Campfire on Thursday 10th December with Noreena Hertz.

For our next Campfire Conversations on Thursday 10th December, Ben Keene will be joined by one of the world’s leading thinkers, Noreena Hertz, to talk about how we can come together in a world that’s coming apart.

“Named by The Observer as ‘one of the world’s leading thinkers’ and by Vogue as ‘one of the world’s most inspiring women’, economist Noreena Hertz is a bestselling author, broadcaster and keynote speaker”.

In her book, The Lonely Century: Coming Together in a World That’s Pulling Apart, Noreena offers “A hopeful and empowering vision for how to reconnect with each other and heal our divides”.

‘Packed with bold solutions that we can apply at home, at work and in our neighbourhoods, and with a clear vision for what businesses and governments must do, she explores how our increasing dependence on technology, radical changes to the workplace and decades of policies that have placed self-interest above the collective good, are making us more isolated than ever before’.

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