Campfire Conversations ft. Robert Martineau | Waypoints: A Journey on Foot

“The day hangs together without thought, bound loosely by an idea that rarely surfaces, but is there:
that putting one foot in front of the other can change your life.”

Robert martineau – Waypoints

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Co-hosts, Ben Keene + Albert Kurniadi, share their post-event reflections

Ben Keene: ‘This felt like a real escape. Through Rob’s epic trance-like walk across Ghana, Togo & Benin we’re asked to quietly consider a simpler, less cluttered way of living as well as question some uncomfortable truths about our (colonial) history. It’s the first travel book I’ve read in a while and what a gem. I got lost in the heat, history & magic of this humble West African pilgrimage. Brilliant debut from @the_tribe_way’s Rob Martineau and a soporific, deeply engaging conversation to tune into.’

Albert Kurniadi: ‘It reconfirmed for me that after reading the book and asking Rob the questions and hearing his answers that life isn’t just about one big adventure, it’s about one transforming step at a time. And as you trust yourself to step into it, something and/or someone will support you along the way in ways you won’t be able to imagine. Sometimes what you do can seem pointless in the grand scheme of things but it is the act of doing that makes you feel alive and to be part of the human experience. And maybe that’s enough.’

More about ‘Waypoints’…

“A spellbinding travel book, exploring the psychology of walking, pilgrimage, solitude and escape.”

At the age of twenty-seven, and afraid of falling into a life he doesn’t want, Robert Martineau quits his office job, buys a flight to Accra and begins to walk. He walks 1,000 miles through Ghana, Togo and Benin, to Ouidah, an ancient spiritual centre on the West African coast.

Martineau walks alone across desert, through rainforests, over mountains, carrying everything he needs on his back, sleeping in villages or on the side of paths. Along the way he meets shamans, priests, historians, archaeologists and kings. He begins to confront the lines of slavery and exploitation that binds his home to theirs. Through the process of walking each day, and the lessons of those he walks among, Martineau starts to find the freedom he craves, and to build connections with the natural world and the past.

In an extraordinary account of an adventure, and the inner journey that accompanies it, Martineau discovers how a walking pilgrimage can change a person.

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