Campfire Conversations ft. Nanjala Nyabola | Travelling While Black

Words by Ben Keene.

Talking with Nanjala Nyabola about her travels, activism, and writing was like standing under a waterfall: a powerful torrent of energy that is simultaneously uncomfortable, invigorating and awakening. This is how Travelling While Black reads too.

If you think you’re going to get to get some Lonely Planet stories with a different perspective, you’re in for a shock. This is travel writing in a whole new category. From Togo to Everest, Haiti to the DRC, London to LA, Nanjala is an eye-widening guide to a beautiful, wild and unjust world.

“In my experience, an ethnic group is just another layer of identity that one has to navigate in order to survive.”

Nanjala Nyabola

Despite the intensity of her experiences and stories, talking with Nanjala at home in Nairobi was fun and inspiring. By the end of the conversation, I was full of both wanderlust and an increased awareness of the significant barriers of travelling while black and the world that different identities uncover. 

The full interview with Nanjala is linked below…

Thanks again to Nanjala for being such a wonderful and inspiring guest.

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Next to join us around our Campfire is Kendra Pierre-Louis, who is a contributing essayist for All We Can Save, a wonderful project featuring essays, poetry and art from leading female climate experts and activists in their respective fields.

We can’t wait to hear from Kendra, who is a seasoned Climate Reporter, having worked with The New York Times, and as a staff writer for Popular Science (PopSci), plus FiveThirtyEight, The Washington Post, Newsweek, Modern Farmer, and Slate.

As well as being the author of the book, “Green Washed: Why We Can’t Buy Our Way to a Green Planet.”

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‘All We Can Save illuminates the expertise and insights of dozens of diverse women leading on climate in the United States–scientists, journalists, farmers, lawyers, teachers, activists, innovators, wonks, and designers, across generations, geographies, and race–and aims to advance a more representative, nuanced, and solution-oriented public conversation on the climate crisis. These women offer a spectrum of ideas and insights for how we can rapidly, radically reshape society’


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