Companies and teams have been forced to work remotely for the foreseeable future.

How do you maintain your company culture, keep your people performing at their best and maintain a sense of community?

We’ve spent the last 6 years perfecting what a modern day non-fiction book club looks like and now we’ve built the perfect digital solution for teams and communities who can’t come together in person.

We help everyone start and most importantly finish with gentle but effective nudges before coming together for a digital meetup to discuss insights and learnings. Essentially a fun social with a book club twist.

We'd love to help your team make the most of their curious minds.

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Let's build your rebel book club

Copy of Midnight In Chernobyl - Hop In Cover

Explore Themes

'Reading is like a software update for the brain.'

Personal Finance. Climate Change. Human Resilience. The Future of Food. Fast Fashion. Productivity. Happiness. Artificial Intelligence. Startup Stories. Habit Formation. Teamwork. Diversity & many more...

Our reading coach nudges you every week to get it done.

Photo of Rand Fishkin with his book Lost + Founder

Author Talks

Chat directly with authors and experts on the topic.

Kate Raworth (Doughnut Economics)
Seth Godin (This Is Marketing)
Ryan Holiday (The Obstacle is the Way)
Ramita Navai (City of Lies)
Rand Fishkin (Lost & Founder)



Focused Conversation

Not Zoom. We partner with Hopin.

A Main Stage discussion hosted by RBC w/ live chat and surprise guests.

A digital backstage area for any of your team members to prep.

Breakout spaces for video discussions with up to 12 people.

A live speed networking space where team members are matched – think chat roulette style.

An optional expo area to showcase.

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Rebel Hacks 14: January 2021

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