The Art of Gathering by

Priya Parker


January, 2021


The Art of Mixing (and Muddling)

2 parts Rum (or non-alcoholic Spirit)
2 parts chilled Lapsang Souchong Tea
1 part Lemon
1 part Maple Syrup


Makers: Creativity as a Practise




Member reviews:

“A great book written with brilliant examples from an amazing lady who has lived through them all. I have used many of her rules in both a personal and business gathering space and it made my life so easy.”

“Logistics… I used to work in events and everything would start and end with logistics/sponsors. That will change for future events!”

“Definitely considering the purpose of any meetings I need to hold or be a part of! If it’s vague I would prefer to keep my own time and give it back to others. I really enjoyed the book”

“I really enjoyed the concept of “closing the circle” and generous authority.”

When we put The Art of Gathering into practise on Mibo Island. 

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