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In the bedroom: An audio welcome to your stay from our in-hotel author. A complimentary book with every story-inspired cocktail order.

Queens Hotel, Cheltenham

Theme: Women in Power

The Book > Forgotten Women: The Leaders by Zing Tsjeng

One of the first purpose-built hotels in Europe, the Queens Hotel opened its doors in 1838 and was named in honour of Queen Victoria whose coronation fell in the same year. If the walls of the Queens Hotel Cheltenham could talk, they’d tell a story of 19th century greatness and of a neoclassical icon. As such the theme for Queen’s Hotel is ‘Women in Power’ and it is in keeping that Zing Tsjeng’s book ‘Forgotten Women – The Leaders’ should be this hotel’s chosen title.

The book draws on Cheltenham's link with Queen Victoria, an influential and rebellious female leader that should never be forgotten. The book is inspired by the 'Power of Female' element within the hotel's own story. The property’s past also includes a time when it served as a social refuge for women during the First World War; unsung heroes of their time. Tsjeng shines a light on 48 influential and rebellious female leaders that history should never have forgotten leaving the reader feeling empowered and invigorated.

Listen to the episode with Zing

Francis Hotel, Bath

Theme: Entrepreneurship

Book > Be More Pirate by Sam Coniff-Allende

After Emily Francis was widowed by Bath legend and local builder, Soloman Francis, she took it upon herself to transform the property left to her. It is with this in mind that Francis Hotel’s theme is ‘Entrepreneurship’. Emily Francis demonstrated this quality by buying up the adjacent properties to the boarding house her husband left her. She then expanded the business into the Francis Private Hotel, which preceded today’s iteration. Emily Francis is celebrated for being a leading entrepreneurial lady of her time.

Sam Conniff-Allende is a multi-award winning serial social entrepreneur and author and it is because of this commonality that the book ‘Be More Pirate’ by Sam Coniff-Allende has been chosen. In ‘Be More Pirate’, Conniff-Allende unveils the innovative strategies of Golden Age pirates, drawing parallels between the tactics and teachings of legends like Henry Morgan and Blackbeard with modern rebels, like Elon Musk, Malala and Banksy, which could easily be associated with Emily Francis too.

Listen to the episode with Sam

Castle Hotel, Windsor

Theme: Money

Book > Money, A User's Guide by Laura Whateley

The Castle Hotel in Windsor’s landlord of a bygone time was George Pennington who used his initiative to design the Pennington Penny token, an object still associated with the hotel today. Inspired by this, the Bedroom Book Club theme is ‘Money’ and it is in this vein that Laura Whateley’s book ‘Money: A User’s Guide’ has been selected. Whateley has covered consumer affairs, property, interiors and affordable travel since 2008.

Money: A User’s Guide’ cuts through all the panic of personal finances and offers practical advice on housing, student loans, pensions, paying off debt, stocks and shares, ethical investments, money and mental health, money and love. This book is a contemporary take on the theme of money while providing thought provoking content that weaves into original story of the property.

Listen to the episode with Laura

The Cocktails

A little something to go with your reading...

The Never Forgotten Queen

Queens Hotel, Cheltenham

An ode to Queen Victoria. A fan of combining Claret & Scotch Whiskey. Bold.

60 ML Blended Scotch
20 ML Claret Red Wine
25 ML Lemon Juice
15 ML Sugar Syrup
25 ML Egg White
1 Dash Angostura

The Widowed Pirate

Francis Hotel, Bath

An ode in aqua blue to Emily Francis, the Pirate Entrepreneur of the Georgian Regency.

35 ML White Rum
20 ML Blue Curacao
20 ML Rose Wine
15 ML Falernum Rum
15 ML Lime

The Pennington Token

Castle Hotel, Windsor

An ode to George Pennington. Innkeeper of the Mermaid Inn, creator of the ha'penny token.

35 ML London Dry Gin
30 ML Red Grapefruit Juice
10 ML Agave Syrup
15 ML Lemon
100 ML Indian Pale Ale

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