Live Q+A with Elizabeth Uviebinené & Yomi Adegoke

‘Slay: How to Succeed in Your Career’ with Audible LIVE & Rebel Book Club. Recorded live on Thursday 15th April 2021.

We had the great pleasure of learning the Slay way, with Yomi Adegoke and Elizabeth Uviebinené.

Crowned the ‘Outspoken new role models for the next generation of black women’ by The Times for their debut non-fiction title, Slay In Your Lane: The Black Girl Bible. Leading to a huge podcast on Audible, Slay: How to Succeed In Your Career; these ladies are leading the charge for the rising generation of Black female leaders.

We partnered with Audible to bring a special 60-minute live event all about the power of listening, as a superpower for making positive changes in your work and career. At the core of event was how listening can be a prerequisite for change and how listening to stories from authors like Yomi and Elizabeth, as well learning from the stories they explore in their book and podcast, facilitates change and understanding.

Let’s get into it!

Introducing the ‘Slay: How to Succeed In Your Career’ pod!

Yomi and Elizabeth take us through what the Audible Original pod’s all about, how it all started and what it’s like to make one…

On Career Champions + Hiring

Next up – Rebel Book Club member, Ava, asks Yomi and Elizabeth who their standout career champions have been and why, plus how companies can recruit employees from more diverse backgrounds.

On Taking Risks and Dealing with Change…

Ava asks Yomi + Elizabeth reflect on clips from their podcast about how to navigate taking risks, and how do deal with change in your career – be that from Covid-19 or otherwise.

And why Yomi likes to channel that Gemma Collins meme energy….

Finally, check out where Yomi gets her self-care balance inspiration from!

Huge thanks to Audible for making this awesome event happen and giving Rebel Book Club members bonus Audible credits!

Look out for future events on the power of listening…


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