"Greatness is consistency.
Meditating once is common. Meditating daily is rare.
Exercising today is simple. Training every week is simply remarkable.
Reading one book rarely matters. Reading every day is a super power.
Unheroic days can make for heroic decades."

James Clear, author of Atomic Habits

Rebel Book Club helps curious people improve their non-fiction reading habits:

- how much they read
- the variety of what they read
- how effectively they apply what they learn from their reading

...and make valuable connections and friendships:

- through regular community meetups
- one-to-one matched member chats
- sharing projects and opportunities we're part of

We do all this through our monthly rhythm of 1 x non-fiction book (voted on by our members), 2 x meetups and lots of individual and group conversations. We collaborate with authors, topic experts and organisations to help us with our learning.

We cover a huge variety of themes and books on personal growth (wellbeing, ways of working, creativity), global challenges (climate, social justice, AI) and remarkable human stories.

We've been doing this since May 2015 with a global community of friendly thinkers and doers. Everyone goes at their own pace and joins in as much as they have the time and interest for.

We believe that anyone can become a lifelong learner. Our goal is to be the gathering place for non-fiction fans to read, learn and connect.

Rebel Book Club is a fun and fascinating place to hang out.

Rebel Reads