We put our phones down & focus on books.
We read outside of our comfort zones.
We look to learn from every book even if we don't love it.
We share what we learn and take positive action.
We makes friends through shared interests & curiosity about differences.

We are rebel readers. Scroll to meet the team, hub hosts and our marvellous members.

Our Team

We are a lean, remote team passionate about non-fiction and connecting curious, fun people. Like many startups we all work on everything (books, business, community, tech, events). Tap on our faces to get to know us better 🙂


"I've always enjoyed reading but after joining RBC I became aware of books and topics I would have never discovered on my own. To ensure I get through all the books, I've made reading my procrastination strategy - I squeeze a chapter in whenever I need a break from work or life."


"Whilst the last year has been a big challenge to pivot to an entirely digital proposition we’ve continued to grow, had some lovely press in The Evening Standard and made our first TV appearance on Sky Arts with Elizabeth Day. We've started to bring the RBC model to brands who want to bring something fresh to their L&D."



“I have never been a natural reader, I'm here for the socials 😉 But I love what I learn from non-fiction books and talking to people about them after... RBC helps me finally finish my book stack and gives me an awesome group of people to bounce ideas with!”


"RBC was the answer to my old tsundoku problem (pile of books that never get read). 70 books (3 kids, one dog, a few moves + startups) later - RBC is still fulfilling its promise: read and discuss (at least) one book each month, in between everything else that life brings."

Rebel Reads