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September 2020

We know we have reading biases. How? We looked at the 175 books we've short-listed between 2015-2020 and asked our members how they choose what they read. The result? We've explored a great mix of themes from race, to AI, to gender, to taking risks, but more often than not end up reading books written by white men from Europe & the US backed by large publishers. This doesn't mean the books aren't powerful or mind-changing. They frequently are. But we are also limited by our choices in what we really learn. A lot of our book biases are built into the publishing industry's culture and its new giant recommendation machines. We want to shift that. We want to shine a light on more underrepresented voices, lesser known authors, and smaller publishers on the themes we explore. We want to read books from diverse voices across every subject we read. Whether that be the future of the internet, the science behind addiction, or on how to challenge systemic racism. A non-fiction club at the intersection of a world full of stories.

How are we doing this?

For each set of authors, publishers and experts we line-up, we consciously look for a diverse mix of ethnicity, gender, nationality & size (less established authors & publishers). Learn more and read a little differently with us.

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