Magic Numbers

We love learning about what's working in our business and community through data. Here are the latest key numbers we're tracking.


Books read as a club. Book 1: Happiness by Design by Paul Dolan May, 2015


Active Members. Defined as current paying subscribers of RBC.


Meetup attendees in the last 12 months.


Book vouchers donated by members to partner charities in the last 6 months.


Monthly Recurring Membership Revenue as of May 2021


Average Churn Rate for the last 6 months. Churn = % of overall memberships that cancel/expire.


Rebel Coffees. The number of members who have 'met' for a minimum 30 minute one-to-one chat over the last 6 months.


Number of different 'hubs' where our members live. Hub = town, city or region.